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Speech & Language Therapy


Are you thinking about directly commissioning speech and language therapy yourself or as part of a schools consortium?

Do you already have some input but feel that what you receive is not enough or is too expensive?

Do you want to empower your staff to identify and effectively manage children with Speech, Language & Communication needs (SLCN)?

Soundswell Speech and language therapy solutions provides bespoke services for children and young people with a range of communication needs and special needs. 

We offer a comprehensive “menu” of services (at universal, targeted and specialist levels) so that you choose the services which are right for you.

FIND OUT about Specialist second opinions

Specialist second opinions

Contact us if, for whatever reason, you need an independent, one-off/specialist assessment. 


We will provide you with a detailed report & recommendations for a child or young person who may have speech, language, communication, interaction, feeding and/or swallowing difficulties. 

At Soundswell we will:

  • Identify the nature and severity of the problem/s
  • Talk to you about the potential impact on access to the curriculum,  behavior and future life chances
  • Recommend what will help

Our therapists are:

Specialist: Have a high level of skills, expertise and experience in a specific area, evidenced by repute, publication and /or research evidence and references.

Non-partisan:  Independent, not influenced by any external authority

FIND OUT about Service redesign/consultancy

Service redesign/consultancy 

We undertake short-term project work for NHS services to help improve performance at both team and whole service level.

We work to your commission.  Aims, outcomes and timescales are clearly defined. Do you...

  • Want to do things differently?
  • Have a priority in mind and no time to address it?
  • Want to income generate?
  • Need to prepare for a CQC inspection?

If you answer “yes” to any of the above, contact us today on info@soundswellspeech.co.uk 

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