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Friday, August 28, 2015

Using Technology to Support speech, language & communication

Visit Widget in general at http://www.widgit.com/products/widgit-apps.htm.

In particular, look for http://www.widgit.com/products/language-assessment/index.htm.

From original work by Jo Douglas at Great Ormond Street hospital, this excellent practical assessment based on Derbyshire Language Principles, has been brought up-to-date by specialist speech and language therapist Justin Drew, who also developed the expressive language component of the assessment.

Alan Birch's attractive illustrations keep children engaged.  Find to more about Alan's work at http://www.alanbirchstudios.co.uk.  Alan also illustrated the Wellcomm Screening Toolkit www.gl-assessment.co.uk

Justin has a wealth of resource knowledge not only in his specialist field but also in terms of ideas and activities to support the development of speech and language skills in general.  Where there is a gap, Justin will develop a resource!

Look out for more apps on our news page.