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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Language Leaders - Teaching vocabulary in small groups

Language Leaders is a fledgling network of like minded individuals working to support children of all ages with SLCN.

 It's an opportunity to learn something new and share best practice.

  • Would you like to join us? Just email info@soundswellspeech.com to be included
  • Is there a topic you'd like us to cover next time? 
  • Do you have a success story to share?
  • Can your school or setting host our next session?
  • Do you know of someone who can share their knowledge with us all ?

Spread the word and share this opportunity to gain free CPD and support from your colleagues.

 The presentation ' Teaching Vocabulary to Small Groups' was delivered in May 2019. You can find it here 

 The DSE vocabulary lists referred to in the session can be downloaded:-

Here (first 120 words )

Here (second 340 words)

Here ( third 350 words)



 If you'd like to read the feedback about our first 2 sessions click here