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Saturday 29 June 2019

Are you ‘Word Aware’?

Its a stark fact that children’s spoken vocabulary at the age of 5 impacts on reading comprehension at 15 years of age (Cunningham and Stanovich, 1997). There is plenty in the press of late that validates the 'gut feeling' practitioners have held for many years about how good vocabulary can help a child to achieve educational success and to develop good social skills. Read on to find out more about one approach that is proving to be very successful in supporting vocabulary development....

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Tuesday 16 April 2019

Communication supporting communication observation tool

This tool was developed as part of the Better Communication Research Programme (BCRP) in 2012. The BCRP was a 3 year research programme that was part of the Government’s response to the 2008 Bercow Review of provision of services for children with speech, language and communication needs (SLCN).

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Thursday 18 April 2019

AAC resources

Want to know where to look for the most up to date and free resources re: AAC ?

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Wednesday 17 April 2019

Multi purpose Headbands!

My favourite resource, although difficult to limit it down to one, would be the game 'Head Banz'. I use this game in a variety of ways, using the cards as flashcards for vocabulary learning, categorising, practicing word definitions and comparing and contrasting vocabulary. Children always seem to love a game of Head Bandz making it an instant win in therapy sessions ! It's definitely worth buying this one! Hayley

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Tuesday 9 April 2019

SSLEUTHS: a screening tool to accurately identify a child’s language levels

• Based on the principles of the Derbyshire Language Scheme (DLS) • A simple practical way to accurately identify language levels • Specifically adapted for use with children in special schools SSLEUTHS IS:- Soundswell Screening Language Expression and Understanding Tracker Handbook for… Special schools

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Monday 18 March 2019

Emily's Favourite App

One of my favourite resources is an app called 'Splingo' s language universe' It's a game to practise following instructions at different information carrying word levels from 1-4. You can customise it or just pick a certain (information carrying words (ICW )level for a variety of instructions.

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Monday 22 May 2017

Jo's best app

Articulation Station by Little Bee speech is a brilliant app for working on speech sounds. Like lots of Apps there is a free version you can try to see if you like it- I quickly bought the full version. It costs £44.99 but is something I have definitely had my monies worth from as I use it every week without fail.

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Monday 15 April 2019

Bryony's favourite resource

We asked Bryony to tell us about her favourite resource, here's what she said:- To be honest most of my favourite resources are homemade ones from when I had time as a student! But here's one I have found on Amazon which I use every week: Everyday Object Cards: From Amazon £13.19

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Monday 8 April 2019

Resources for parents and schools

The Communication Trust is a coalition of over 50 not-for-profit organisations. Working together to support everyone who works with children and young people in England to support their speech, language and communication

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Monday 9 April 2018

Attention and Listening Programme

Too many children start nursery and school with poorly developed attention and listening skills. They will struggle to learn in a group situation and are disadvantaged right from the beginning.

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