Experienced West Midlands based speech & language therapy


We will design a training plan just for you - empowering staff to build on their existing skills & knowledge


TEN TOP TIPS :- A course packed with practical strategies for use in the classroom. Contact us to book this course for your setting

MAKATON foundation course :- A 2 day course for those working with pupils with SLCN Spring term course feedback here  

HARNESSING THE TA WORKFORCE:- a half day session about how TAs can be deployed to support SLCN across a whole setting. For details click here 

PHONOLOGICAL AWARENESS:- coming soon, a course designed to help schools understand and assess phonological awareness skills which impact upon reading

SWAP:- a course designed to support those working with picture exchange systems - FEEDBACK FROM THE LATEST  SWAP COURSE IS ON OUR NEWS PAGE click here for details of this course 

WELLCOMM:- Our popular Wellcomm speech and language toolkit course runs every term in one or other of our schools. Click here for details of our summer term course or contact us  to book it exclusively for your setting

COMMUNICATE IN PRINT:-  Participants learn how to make visual support tools including displays and tables using symbols with text to create visual timetables, worksheets, communication boards, books, posters, signage that support a Total Communication environment to support learning, communication and literacy. Click here for details . 

COSST:- Communication and Symbol Supported Text. A half day course, using colour coding to help children with communication and /or literacy difficulties. Click here for details !

ATTENTION & LISTENING :- Why are attention & listening skills so crucial ?how can we help to develop these core skills? this session includes a copy of our Attention & Listening Groups pack. For more details click here 


To find out more about our training services, or to ask us about designing something to meet your specific needs contact us today on info@soundswellspeech.co.uk.



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