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TA survival course

This half day training course provides:

  • Links to the new SEN code of practice
  • Tools to help you recognise pupils with SLCN
  • Key practical strategy ideas to support pupils at a universal level across the curriculum.
  • An understanding of the need for collaborative working practices for pupils with SLCN
  • The ‘TA Survival Kit’ packed and ready to go to enable you to put what you have learned into practice immediately.

Course date: - 27th September CLICK HERE TO BOOK 

Costs - £100 per person or book 2 places for £150 (includes TA survival kit)

Supporting children with speech, language and communication needs (SLCN) at Key Stages 1 & 2



This 2 day course covers:

  • The Language for Learning ‘Model of Speech, Language and Communication’.
  • A whole school and whole class approach to supporting speech, language and communication.
  • Audit Tools to help you develop support at a universal level.
  • Typical language development and identification tools to help you recognise children with SLCN.
  • Exploration of specific language and communication skills – including processing information/instructions, vocabulary development and social communication skills.
  • An extensive range of practical strategies to support children in their development.

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SSLEUTHS :-Soundswell Screening Language Expression & Understanding Tracker Handbook for Special Schools. Suitable for those who want a simple, practical way to accurately identify language levels and  staff working with pupils who are hard to assess. Want to know more, click here for flier 

MAKATON foundation course :- A 2 day foundation course - new dates added each term.  Contact us for details

PHONOLOGICAL AWARENESS:- coming soon, a course designed to help schools understand and assess phonological awareness skills which impact upon reading

SWAP:- a course designed to support those working with picture exchange systems - FEEDBACK FROM THE LATEST  SWAP COURSE IS ON OUR NEWS PAGE click here for details 

WELLCOMM:- Our enhanced Wellcomm speech and language toolkit course is a half day - book it for your setting and start seeing measurable progress within weeks ! click here for more details 

COMMUNICATE IN PRINT:- Learn how to make visual support tools to create visual timetables, worksheets, communication boards, books, posters, signage to support a Total Communication environment  Click here for details . 

COSST:- Communication and Symbol Supported Text. A half day course, using colour coding to help children with communication and /or literacy difficulties. Click here for details !

ATTENTION & LISTENING :- Why are attention & listening skills so crucial ?how can we help to develop these core skills? this session includes a copy of our Attention & Listening Groups pack. For more details click here 




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