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Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Speech Therapy - through the eyes and voice of a child

I thought I would share with you what a  boy at  said to me during a review session this week  


He has been on the caseload since April '15 (presents as DLD) and has made leaps of progress. He is an absolute delight to work with (I know we all have children like that but he really is a joy). Whenever he sees me in the corridor he runs after me saying "Miss when are you next gonna get me for Speak and Language Therapy session". 


We were talking about Yr 6 SATs and secondary school:

"When I go to secondary school can I still have Speak and Language Therapy pleaseeee"

I  said that after secondary school he might be thinking about a career, and asked him: " do you know what you might like to do?"

He replied: "I like to be a Speak and Language Therapist". 


I asked him what he thought this might entail and he said:


"I have to be giving people tests, helping people. you have to have a lot of knowledge... you can help people and it's fun for students".


He then asked me lots of insightful questions about the career. I thought, how wonderful for a year 5 child to have been so perceptive and given such consideration to options for the future.

I don't know about you but usually when I ask a primary aged child a question about future aspirations they often haven't given it a thought.