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Sunday, March 10, 2019


SPARRK reflects comprehensive research in the area of phonological awareness, including guidance from the National Primary Strategy, the Early Years Foundation Stage and the Independent Review of the Teaching of Early Reading.  It has been extensively developed and evaluated over a number of years, to encompass all the critical areas within phonological awareness.

  • Developed by experienced practitioners, from a range of disciplines, SPARRK can be used in the context of the Wave approach in line with the National Literacy Strategy
  • Includes comprehensive case studies
  • Is quick to administer (10 minutes per section)
  • Includes an excel tracking facility for a variety of different recording and monitoring options



  • can we identify children who may have difficulties beginning reading and spelling?
  • are there children who have not yet acquired the concepts associated with phonological awareness?
  • can we determine the level of complexity needed for teaching …
  • ….. and separate areas that are firmly established from those beginning to evolve?
  • will it help us to focus upon specific areas of phonological awareness which may be of concern?


By gaining a profile of a child’s phonological awareness skills, you can be sure that you are intervening at the right point developmentally and that you have a detailed and balanced picture of an individual’s strengths and needs.