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Saturday, March 7, 2020

Soundswell CPD day February 2020

Soundswell therapists don't work from  one particular base, and so the CPD day is one of the opportunities for  a good  catch up, as well as to share ideas and learning with colleagues.

The agenda included an update from Diana and Jo about developments across  Birmingham, Sandwell, Dudley and Shropshire, as well as a run through of the current training offer.

A common theme at our CPD events is how to demonstrate impact, this time we shared some of the action plans that have been developed by the team alongside the staff in the settings. These are not specific to individual children, but relate to goals for the school as a whole. They outline who is responsible for each part of the plan, and the timescales. This approach has been frequently  used in special schools, but many of the team working in mainstream felt it could be a useful model, and plan to try it out next term. 

A highlight of the day was Denise's feedback from the Gina Davis Attention Autism course  that she and Sophie had attended.  Presented as an attention autism session, it certainly caught our attention and it was great to hear how successful it has been in some of our special schools where they are able to support staff to deliver this approach. 


After lunch we discussed ways to manage caseloads in school where the need is bigger than the number of days commissioned, members of  the team shared  a wide range of tried and tested methods. We know that one size does not fit all, and offering a bespoke service is part of our USP, it is critically important to balance what the customer wants with ensuring good outcomes and measurable impact.

As ever we tried to cram too much into the day, but we're looking forward to the summer event already where we will be hearing about a phonological awareness project and a maths language project, as well as an update on the latest thinking about phonological therapy. 

And of course we'll be looking forward to some more of those delicous sausage rolls !