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Saturday, August 05, 2017


We will equip you with the knowledge, skills and resources to take responsibility for managing speech, language & communication needs at each of the 3 levels (universal, targeted and specialist).

Decide what money you have available. Spreading out the cost over a year can be a good plan, allowing you to spend your budget in the way which suits your needs √

Ask for a consultation to discuss your options – a reputable company should come to you and not charge for a preliminary visit √

With colleagues, think about what (you think you) want but talk it through with the therapy service – they shouldn’t be there to tell you what you need but to help explore options √

Decide on your objectives (short, medium and longer –term if that helps). SLT can get you underway and ‘hand hold’ for only as long as you need, coming back later to monitor progress √

Consider a one-off package for a needs assessment + individual plans for children causing most concern – you may be surprised, not every child needs direct therapy and for those who do, deploy your TAs to best effect √

… and when you do, ensure that the SLT is consistently shadowed by TAs who can begin to pick up hints and tips immediately √

Explore creating specialist TA/s role/s (training alongside the therapist- and/or via an external course) √

Think about what other training would help and who needs it. Sometimes it’s easier to find a one-off sum for a course √

SLT plans, programmes, interventions & data make a powerful contribution to the impact statements you need √

 Makes sense? Contact us to talk about how we can help you: