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Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Matt Arnerich – Famly Guy

Why would a software company want to interview speech and language therapists?  Matt’s software isn’t just about supporting the multitude of administrative tasks ……  his aim is to make Famly not only the source of the most easy-to-use, comprehensive nursery software, but in terms of content – Famly aspire to become the most trusted publication out there for all things Early Years.


We are not novices when it comes to being interviewed – either on video or paper-based – and we were impressed by Matt.  In a quiet room away from the hub-bub of the exhibition hall, the atmosphere was relaxed and plenty of time was allocated.  The most important thing however, was the fact that Matt had done his homework!  He had prepared a comprehensive list of very relevant and intelligent questions to focus our answers which have the potential to be viewed by the many thousands of people who visit Famly’s blogs and You-Tube posts.

Where do the anxious Mums and Dads, the students as well as the established practitioners go to find out more about any topic?  The internet of course – which is a great way to get a myriad of information to a huge audience in a user-friendly way and fills those gaps between weighty text books and research studies, specialist sources of advice (such as ourselves in our clinical roles) and myths and legends shared at the nursery gate.

If the quality and accessibility of Famly’s website content is as informed as the Famly Guy then this has to be the go-to website for parents and nurseries alike.  You decide.  Visit www.famly.co.uk and click on their blog.