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Thursday, March 26, 2020

KS 3 "Teaching vocabulary – a whole school approach"

Following on from the success of our 'Closing the Word Gap' sessions for KS 1 in various locations around Birmingham and  Sandwell, and in response to requests from staff working in KS 3 and 4 Bryony delivered a 90 minute long session in Sandwell Academy. 

The training covered the following areas:- 

  • How we learn & store words
  • How to select the right vocabulary to teach
  • How to teach vocabulary in a systematic & effective way
  • How to activate the vocabulary outside the teaching group
  • Reviewing the taught vocabulary, to ensure that students know & can use it

Using our pre and post feedback collection we found that all partipcants made large gains in their knowledge in all of these areas and, as might be expected, the cognitive functions of learning and storing words (i.e. how we acquire new vocabulary) showed huge gains.  

If you'd like to host a free training session contact us: info@soundswellspeech.com