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Friday, October 11, 2019

Here’s the challenge! Providing schools with the right CPD at the right time – and at a price they can afford

Schools can no longer afford the luxury of attendance at large-scale conferences, often at a distance and with all the accompanying costs of time, travel and accommodation etc.  Sad though this is, the real and practical benefits of this kind of CPD are few – rather they provide networking opportunities and send delegates home with a smattering of information about a number of new (and often niche) initiatives which there is no time to implement in the workplace.

There will be commonalities in terms of CPD requirements – especially when new directives come from central Government.  However, in the main, CPD has to be bespoke to the needs of individual schools.

What are the current priorities?  What are the pressure points?  Do you work to the pyramid model (universal, targeted and specialist levels of support)? 

If not, take a look at how your school can:

  • equip itself to be self-sufficient at universal level
  • deliver the right thing for many children who need targeted interventions
  • confidently manage some needs at a specialist level

7 steps to making the most of your SLCN CPD

  1. Diarise your training days well in advance ( Soundswell offer evenings and week-end sessions)
  2. Identify training priorities (Developing vocabulary skills?  Getting NQTs up to speed?  Managing screening across EYFS?  Raising standards in oracy?  Improving phonological awareness?  Finding out how to help children whose speech is hard to understand?)
  3. Look at the Soundswell pyramid model  and talk to us about our toolbox approach - we equip you with the right tools to deliver support at all 3 levels, whether in nursery, mainstream or special school.
  4. Click here to see the Soundswell Training Travels flier for a range of training topics about strategies and interventions
  5. Make sure you get value for money (training which meets your specific needs, is as practical as possible & has measurable outcomes)
  6. If you would like to talk things through email us:  info@soundswellspeech.com