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Friday, January 27, 2017



1.    How have Soundswell improved your staff’s skills in identifying and supporting children with communication needs?




Our therapist has trained EYFS staff to use the Wellcomm program to assess, identify and plan for pupils with language/communication needs. This has been an invaluable tool for raising attainment and progress for our pupils.




Our therapist has trained and supported many members of staff throughout the school to provide targeted interventions for pupils with communication needs. Progress for these pupils is good or better which would not be possible with her guidance and training. Lego therapy groups have been established with some of our most needy pupils often showing surprising progress in a short space of time.




As a school we have a high number of children who have communication needs; we would have struggled to provide appropriate programs and support for our pupils without Soundswell’s input.




2.    Which training package delivered by Soundswell would you recommend to other schools? 




      Wellcomm: a highly valuable program which has seen good or better progress in EYFS in language/communication areas of the curriculum. This is invaluable for a school whose pupils often enter EYFS below national average. Wellcomm allows staff to assess and identify areas of need, enabling and empowering staff to provide a program to support language development.






3.    How would you sum up the impact of Soundswell on the children with communication needs? 




      Our therapist is invaluable. Without her support, training and expertise we would not be able to provide as good/appropriate support for our pupils with communication needs. As I have said above, progress for pupils involved with Wellcomm and/or S&LT interventions is good or better. The staff are more aware of the needs of pupils with this passing into whole class provision.






4.    How has the work completed by your SLT impacted on the children’s outcomes? 




The EYFS Leader has analysed Wellcomm assessments and data to ensure provision in Nursery and Reception is meeting the communication needs of our pupils and she has facilitated staff deployment for Wellcomm provision.




As SENCO/Inclusion Leader I have protected time for S&LT provision and passed on targets to class teachers.






5.    If you could sum up Soundswell in three words what would you say? 




First class provision