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Saturday, February 15, 2020

Fabulous feedback from our SLT colleagues

It was with a mixture of excitement and nerves that I set up for our day long course for therapists working in mainstream schools.

Attendees were a  mixture of  NHS and independent practitioners, single handed and  part of a larger practice. Some had been working just 3 weeks, and some 30 + years.

What an amazing opportunity  for us all to share ideas, experience and knowledge.

This day course included:

  • A comprehensive guide for therapists working in mainstream schools
  • The Language for Learning model of speech, language and communication
  • An extensive range of tools to support therapists in identifying and supporting school age children with SLCN
  • Links to the national curriculum and new SEN Code of Practice
  • A resources kit including our new book available for therapists and specialist teachers Identification, Assessment and Intervention and a demonstration pack of universal strategies
  • Competences at an enhanced and specialist level of the Speech, Language and Communication Framework

The attendees all made gains in their knowledge and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive.

We had a great day sharing ideas, brushing the dust off some strategies we'd not used for a while and planning how to make our practice as effective as it possible can be.

Watch this space as we'll be running the course again - can't wait!


‘I feel a lot more confident in my role within school and this has provided a robust procedure to use with schools to streamline SALT support – a great day, thank you’

‘Excellent and very informative and provided me with practical tools I can use in school’

‘Thank you for your time and expertise.  Excellent day.  Well worth the travel.  So much practical advice’