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Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Emerging from lockdown – with more tools in our toolboxes

In working out how we could continue to support schools and nurseries during the lockdown we used our tried and tested pyramid of intervention and unique Soundswell toolbox approach.




Initially we were focussed on the immediate issues and thinking was very much ‘in the moment’.

As time has gone on, however we realise that with the help of our settings (some of whom were  very willing guinea pigs), and our team of amazing therapists, we now have even more solutions to offer during and post lockdown.  

Whole staff group remote training sessions

Teletherapy with children and their parents

Group work e.g. booster  vocabulary  groups

We’ve written multiple advice sheets for school websites

Good old fashioned ‘ home practice packs’ with telephone support for parents who prefer this approach  

Whilst Covid-19 has brought a lot of new challenges, it will leave us with even more tools in our toolbox.

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