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Monday, September 17, 2018

Best Practice in Improving Early Language Outcomes – spreading the word

Children with a secure start enter school in a position to make progress.  Many others start to fall behind almost immediately.  Tackling the gaps at the earliest opportunity gives all children a far greater chance to do well.  This has been extensively covered in recent research and publications.  Read our recent article 'closing the word gap' here.

The Peer Review Programme (PRP) is being delivered in partnership with the Local Government Association (LGA).  It will explore how effective local services are at improving outcomes for disadvantaged children at age 5.  There will be a big focus on language.  Where there are opportunities for improvement – these will be identified.

The LGA has invited expressions of interest from individuals interested in becoming peer reviewers and also from Local Authorities who would like to take part.

To help practitioners identify and support children’s speech, language & communication needs (SLCN), the DfE has also entered into a partnership with Public Health England (PHE).  Work will include training and guidance for EY practitioners and also the procurement of an early language assessment tool to support health visitors to identify SLCN as part of the 2 year check.

Click here to read more  about the government's national plan to support children and young people to reach their full potential  :- Improving social mobility through education.

In September, Soundswell director Jo will be undertaking  the LGA Peer Review Programme [PRP] training course.  In the coming months we will be following the progress of this exciting new initiative.

Language for Learning: courses to help you develop the speech, language and communication skills of some of our most disadvantaged children.  Find out more about these courses here