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Thursday, March 14, 2019

A Warm Wellcomm in Warrington

In Warrington, Wellcomm has been used almost exclusively as a measure of language improvement as a result of the Story Starter project currently running.  The Soundswell training aimed to get the Toolkit into settings with its wider (traditional) remit as a screening, identification and intervention resource.

Our training supports settings to get the very best out of the Toolkit.  The sessions followed our usual format with lots of practical activities and useful information about how Soundswell has developed and adapted the screen and the data collection element in particular, based on feedback from our schools and settings.

It’s always important to make sure that participants go away having absorbed the key points of the training and feel sufficiently confident to get underway in their settings.  We measured increased staff confidence across the following statements:

  1. Why we need universal screening
  2. Where to start the screening with individual children
  3. How often to rescreen
  4. Putting children together in groups for intervention
  5. Using the BBOI
  6. Knowing which children to refer on
  7. Carrying out the screen
  8. Making effective use of the data
  9. What to do with children who aren’t ready for Wellcomm

Click here for the results.

We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Warrington and very much hope that it won’t be our last!

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